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  Jun 25 2019

The Massage and Body Therapy Team at The SkinSpa have been carefully selected for their friendly and caring attitudes, commitment to the elimination of stress, and most importantly, to address your individual needs Our therapists handcraft each massage using a variety of techniques to deliver a personalized treatment. Massages available at discounted rate for members. 

Hanover medical spa  Essential Relaxation Massage
$89.00   |  60 Minutes
$129.00   |  90 Minutes
Experience pure relaxation for the entire body by using light to medium pressure with long gliding strokes and kneading to reduce stress, soothe muscle tension and stimulate circulation. Typically referred to as Swedish Massage, this treatment also utilizes additional techniques to go beyond relaxation. Includes essential oil hot towel treatment on back and tattered tootsies!

 Hanover medical spa Back and Shoulder Therapy
$69   |  30 Minutes
This therapy addresses built up stiffness in the neck and knotted tension in the back and shoulder areas of the body.  A variety of techniques are used to relieve stress, reduce tension and relax the whole body.

Hanover medical spa  Hot Stone Massage
$109.00   |  60 Minutes
$149.00   |  90 Minutes
Harnessing the properties of the volcanic Basalt stones, which are bathed in warm water and anointed with essential oils. The stones are moved over key energy points on the body evoking an aura of comfort and warmth. Using deeper massage and penetrating heat from the stones is used to relieve muscle tension, relax the body and balance the spirit. *Not suitable for clients with diabetes, high blood pressure or pregnancy.

Hanover medical spa  Deep Tissue Massage 
$109.00   |  60 Minutes
$149.00   |  90 Minutes
Releases chronic patterns of tension in the body through long slow strokes and deep finger pressure on tense areas. Improves body alignment and freedom of movement. A variety of techniques are used to deeply manipulate muscle and connective tissue to release pain and stiffness. Helps eliminate built up scar tissue. Specify a particular area to be worked on or the whole body.

Hanover medical spa  Body Detox Massage
$109.00   |  60 Minutes
$149.00  |  90 Minutes
Deeply relaxing and therapeutic, this form of bodywork is designed to naturally detoxify and rid the body of unhealthy toxins. Utilizing dry body brushing techniques and essential oils of citrus and coffee bean to aid in the elimination of toxins and assist in stimulating blood circulation.

Hanover medical spa  Runner's Massage
$89.00    |  60 Minutes
$129.00   |  90 Minutes
Similar to deep tissue but focuses on the muscles relevant to a particular athletic activity. Geared toward runners or even weekend joggers to enhance pre-event preparation and reduces recovery time during or after an event. Promotes flexibility, removes fatigue, improves endurance, and helps prevent injuries. May include pressure point, stretching, and other modalities.

Hanover medical spa Golfer's Therapy
$89.00   |  60 Minutes
$129.00   |  90 Minutes
Relieves tension, relaxes sore muscles and enhances your golf game!  Specifically designed with golfers in mind using a combination of sports massage, stretching techniques and deep tissue work. Therapist will customize the massage and concentrate on the upper back, shoulders and hip area. This therapy will focus on improving flexibility and joint mobilization.

Hanover medical spa  Prenatal Massage by Epicuren Aromatherapy
$89.00   |  60 Minutes
$129.00  |  90 Minutes
Massage therapy with essential oils of lavender and neroli has a wide range of health benefits during pregnancy. This massage is specifically targeted to help swollen legs, relief of spasms and cramps, burning back muscles and helps increase circulation.  It reduces stress and allows for relaxation, both important for pregnancy and labor. *For second and third trimesters only

Hanover medical spa  Aromatherapy Massage
$109.00    |  60 Minutes
$149.00 |  90 Minutes
Special blended Aromatherapy oils address a wide range of concerns for guests who are stressed and need relaxation while boosting well-being. Your therapist may use up to five oils and chooses the mixture based on what you may need. A relaxing massage might have lavender or bergamot, while a massage for sore muscles might include peppermint and eucalyptus.

Hanover medical spa  Reflexology Massage
$39  |  30 Minutes
An ancient Chinese medicine practice involving pressure to points mainly on the feet but also on the hands and ears which correspond to specific organs and structures of the body.  This therapy addresses all areas of the body by stimulating circulation and opening up reflexology zones and improving overall general health.

Hanover medical spa  Lomi Lomi Massage
$99 |  75 Minutes
In ancient Hawaii, Lomi Lomi was practiced as both medicinal and restorative. This style of relaxing massage primarily uses forearm runs integrating movements that are circles and figure eights. Designed to confuse the mind to surrender and let go of anything that is no longer serving and to receive more soul energy.  Therapists are taught to listen to the script of the body and surrender to the guidance of divinity, allowing grace to transmute stuck energies to pure light and love.

Hanover medical spa  Oncology Massage (not available at this time)
$89.00  |  60 Minutes
$129.00  |  90 Minutes
For individuals who have, or are going through, a cancer treatment program a massage from an oncology certified therapist can provide some measure of relief from the pain and stress they are experiencing. Our specially trained therapists will accommodate the specific medical considerations of each guest.

Hanover medical spa  Massage Enhancements 
Enhance and upgrade your next massage session:
Hand or Foot Therapy, Back Scrub, Hot Stones (back only), Mud Mask, Scalp Treatment, Aromatherapy, Extra 15 minutes of massage time.

For more information contact us at 562.427.1025 The SkinSpa Institute is located in Signal Hill and proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Long Beach, Lakewood, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach and all surrounding communities.
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